Slow Beekeeping.Org is the foundation arm of Green Sanctuary Earth Institute of Pennsylvania. We seek coalition partners from beekeeping associations and clubs, farming communities, organic farming communities, state extension services, gardeners and gardening organizations, chefs, universities and affinity research and environmental groups.

Our united efforts will only succeed by bringing together an outstanding force of worker bees. Yes, that means you! We need volunteers in just about every category of activity — we are seeking joyous, friendly, curious, happy people to take action on behalf of honey bees. It’s…you know… the bee-ish way of making honey, one drop of nectar at a time.

Our mission is to enact legislation in all 50 states in the United States prohibiting use of neonictinoid pesticides in any formulation. Further, we seek to ban and bring to a complete halt use of all genetically modified organisms manufactured for the purpose of turning any plant, vegetable, tree, or other vegetative matter into a systemic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.